Exploring The Hidden Paradise 

Exploring the hidden paradise is an eclectic and lesser-known route for tourists to Western Mongolia. Visit Ulaagch Black Lake, the natural wonders around Bor Khyr Dunes such as Senchid Rock and Mukhart River, and Hungii River. This lesser-known trip will leave unforgettable memories of Mongolia for the rest of your life in just 10 days. Stay overnight under the star in tent and enjoy the nature nearest as possible.


Tour Route

  • 1st day: UB -Terkh Lake
  • 2nd day: Terkh Lake – Ulaagch Lake
  • 3th day: Ulaagch Lake
  • 4th day: Ulaagch lake – Senjit Rock – Mukhart River – Hungiin River
  • 5th day: Hungiin River – Bayan Lake
  • 6th day: Bayan Lake
  • 7th day: Bayan Lake – Telmen Lake
  • 8th day: Telmen Lake – 2 River Basin
  • 9th day: 2 River Basin
  • 10th day: 2 River Basin – UB 

1st day: Ulaanbaatar – Terkh White Lake

At 6 a.m. our journey to hidden paradises begins. We have to make an effort that day in order to have time for the beautiful ones afterwards. 

Today’s destination is Terkh White Lake, this lake is located 650 km away from Ulaanbaatar and is one of the most beautiful lakes in Khangai Mountains. Located in Tariat soum, Arkhangai province. About origin of fresh watered Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, flowing of north and south Terkh Rivers locked by lava flow from a volcanic eruption. The length of lake is 16 km; width is 6 km, 20m deep, 2060 m above sea level and occupied 61 sq.km. 

We will arrive at our destination late in the evening and after dinner we will rest.

2nd day: Terkh White Lake – Ulaagch Black Lake

After breakfast we head towards Ulaagch Black Lake. On this day we ride through river valleys and mountain passes, the ride towards the Ulaagch Black Lake is varied and very exciting. We are slowly but surely approaching one of our main attractions. The Ulaagch Black Lake is one of the most beautiful if even the most beautiful lake in Mongolia.

The Ulaagchiin Khar Lake is located in a great lakes depression, surrounded by fine sand dunes and mountains. The lake was formed about 5000 years ago and considered one of the oldest lakes in the world and covers 1980 m2, 48 m deep, 30 km long, 5-10 km wide. There are 2 islands in the middle of the lake, raised up to 3000 m above sea level. The nature reserve protects the Altai habitat home of Snow Leopard, Wild Mountain Sheep, Ibex, Gobi bear, Wild Bactrian camel, Jerboa, and Antelope.

We will arrive at our destination in the afternoon and have lunch and explore the area. This lake is simply breathtaking and one of the most beautiful photo subjects of the Mongolians, you will love it for taking beautiful photos too.

3rd day: The Ulaagch Black Lake

Full day rest

4th day: Senjit Rock, Mukhart River and Hungiin River

After two relaxing days at Khagiin Black Lake, proceed to other natural wonders of Senjid Rock, Mukhart River and Hungii River

Senjit Rock: The rock formations of Senjit Khad or Senjit Rock towers on the top of a mountain among the Gobi desert and mountainous steppes. The Senjit Khad is a 1 km long rock with a 6 m wide and 3.5 m tall arch, formed by the Gobi desert wind. A rough road goes through the natural arch. The surrounding area vista is amazing when seeing from the Senjit Rock. 

Mukhart River: Mukhart River starts silently flowing from bottom of the Bor Khyar Sand dunes the 400 meter high. There is a lush tree along the river valley, where there are a variety of mangoes, corks, and banners. There is a unique natural landscape, with sandy waters like a sandy semicircular amphitheater. Mukhart River is without a doubt one of the key attractions in the vast steppes of Mongolia. This river itself is a masterpiece of nature, as it flows from within the sands.

Hungiin River: The River is natural wonder like Mukhart river. The river flows side by side with dunes. The view around the river is very beautiful because of the unique structure of the river and the surrounding landscape. There is a many different color variation like green yellow orange and other color mixes.

5th day: Hungii River – Bayan Lake

The hidden paradise journey continues after breakfast towards Bayan Lake.

This beautiful fresh water lake is located at the north of the Bor Khyariin Els sand dune, with a 59km shoreline (36 miles). Seen from the sky, it takes after the shape of a camel. The length of the lake itself is about 14km (8miles), for a width of 8,3km (5.2miles). Generally, this lake is considered small compared to the ones found in the region. Yet, deep one with 50m depth. During winter the surface freezes up to 1,3m (4.2 feet) deep. On contrary, its water is quite warm during summer time with an average temperature of 18 to 21°C (64 to 69 °F). Many springs flow in to the river Khungi Uul. A small grove is found at the south side between the lake, Bor Khyariin Els. Canyons are also part of the region, on the north side of the lake, hidden among the Temeen Khuzuu, Ulaan Shanaa and Serven cliffs.

What makes this lake special is its scenic location because half of this lake’s shoreline is covered by sand and even more interesting and beautiful is the wildlife that lives there, especially the variety of bird species. At this lake I have the feeling of being one with nature, the most relaxing place I have ever been.

6th day: Bayan Lake

Full day rest

7th day: Bayan Lake – Telmen Lake

After breakfast we say goodbye to the beautiful Bayan Lake and continue to Telmen Lake. This journey takes about 5 hours and we are approaching to the north site of Zavkhan Province.

Telmen Lake is a saltwater lake located in Telmen soum of Zavkhan province. It is 28km long, 16km wide with a surface area of 194 square km and a maximum depth of 27m. There are three lake islands in Telmen Lake and they host migratory birds. The lake has only one tributary called Khooloi River and mostly fed by rain and underground water. Area around Telmen Lake is barren with no trees and it is a combination of the steppe and the Gobi desert.

We arrive at our destination in the afternoon and we will have a good meal and rest.

8th and 9th day: Suman and Chuluut River Basin

On this day we leave the beautiful Zavkhan province and drive towards the Khangai mountains. 

We will drive around 300km and will arrive at Suman and Chuluut river basin. The 2 rivers flow through canyons created by volcano lava 8 thousand years ago, in this area there are several volcanoes that exploded thousands of years ago but are all peaceful now. Our travel destination and resting place is these 2 river basins, we will pitch our tents right in the middle of these 2 river gorges and will enjoy our last days of our journey.

10th day: Suman and Chuluut River Basin – Ulaanbaatar

On the tenth day we have to drive early towards Ulaanbaatar to arrive in Ulaanbaatar on time. Arrived in Ulaanbaatar our journey ends and unfortunately we have to say goodbye.


  • Transfers airport / hotel / airport
  • 2 nights in 2* hotel in Ulan Bator, breakfast included
  • Full pension during the tour
  • Water
  • 3 nights in comfortable yurts camp, with warm showers
  • 8 nights in a host family, in guest yurt
  • Journeys in jeep or minibus + driver
  • Petrol
  • English-speaking guide
  • Pony trek
  • Local guides for the treks
  • Nomadic activities described in the program
  • Entrance fees for the parks and museums indicated in the program
  • Traditional show
  • Equipment for meals (camping tables and chairs) and nights (sleeping bag)

Not included

  • International transport
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Repatriation insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks / alcohols extras
  • Meals in Ulan Bator
  • Phone calls
  • Any excursion that is not indicated in the program